Saturday, July 28, 2007

Google API, FoxAttacks

Today I'm going to study the Google API and try out a few experiments.

In the meantime, Doofus shat out a little nugget last night in response to the gathering momentum against the Faux News Channel:
Just more proof that liberals can’t handle the truth.
Sorry doofus, the truth is that Faux News broadcasts lies, smears and RNC propaganda. Faux News is anti-democracy and cheer leads for a one-party ruled, authoritarian state. If like doofus, you want to live under an oligarchic, autocratic regime like Putin's Russia then by all means cheer for Faux News. However, if anyone out there like me loves Democracy and Freedom and wants to do what they can to preserve it, sign up for FoxAttacks.

Any business I patronize that advertises on Faux News I'm not going to patronize again until they yank their ads.


Unknown said...

O(K FINE....
But, as I never watch Fox (except when forced to on trips to Oklahoma) how the hell do I know who advertises thereon?

YLB said...

It's cool. When you sign up you have the choice of 1) Watching and reporting on Faux news advertisers 2) just calling advertisers or 3) both.

I don't watch Faux either as I have the cheap cable so I signed up for 2. The website will keep track of the advertisers. I'll just scan the website for companies I patronize.

Unknown said...

OK, I signed.