Thursday, July 26, 2007

Troll Dossiers

I'm going to compile dossiers on each of the trolls. There'll be links on the sidebar to each dossier to make it easy for you to contribute items on each troll that I may have overlooked. You do this in the comments sections of the post.

The dossiers will have the following sections.

Quick facts - the quick and dirty back story on the troll

Aliases - This is important. Trolls often post with many aliases. The more of these I know, the better I can data mine. You can really help out here with aliases that I'm not familiar with.

Misc - fun facts the come to the surface about our wingnut friends.

Links - to a greatest hits lists of troll comments.

These files will be a quick, easy way to collect info on each troll for both entertainment and to aid data collection and analysis.

My next post will be an example of a dossier.

Update: include your handle with your information and I'll hat tip you in the dossier.

Update II: I've added a status section to the dossiers. Active, Retired, Semi-Retired, Occasional, etc.

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