Thursday, July 26, 2007


Yeah, that's my name for him anyway.

Status: Inactive

Quick facts: One of the most fervent and repetitious purveyors of right wing lies on Started trolling shortly before the GECT. Seattle native, hates public schools, practices the vote fraud religion.

Aliases: RUFUS, Dan Rather, Al Gore, Jane Balogh's Dog, many others.

Misc: Can't accept the simple fact that he's a total loser. Got ACVR Doofus?

Greatest Hits List:

Here he is practicing his "felon" accent:
You tell them Steve #104. I am with you all the way. Us you voted for Chris just need to keep our head up and keep on voting Democratic… all my friend do.
Rufus– Cell Block 8
Almost tied for the above as a "greatest hit" is when he repeated versions of the following around 100 times over two or three months:
Was the Jew killer a conservative or liberal. In the Seattle Times we have the following quote:
Beam him up Scotty...

Dan Rather says:
I see nothing wrong in those people. I believe in the rapture. I know it will happen soon. I just dont understand how the people left behind could last for seven years.

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