Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Bullshit Code!

In the last installment we looked at some code that implements the "added view column" (ac) feature of my column search program. I demoed it in the comment threads here.

The column search (hacols) is the program whose output I often post in the comment threads. One day I needed a convenient way to assemble a url to a specific comment from parts I had already been collecting and thus the "added view column" feature to hacols was born. The feature allows me to develop a short one-liner program on the command line and then once it's working, store it to be recalled for later use. It becomes just another column (albeit unsearchable) for views of the database. So far I've used added view columns to generate comment urls and to downcase and strip out html from comment bodies. Check it out:

Click on the graphic above to see it better.

Blogging this code led me to thinking. Counting the results of a search and executing view code on those results is at present an either/or. One bit of code that executes later is the "uniq" feature which filters out redundant results. What if I wanted to count the unique results of a search like all the variations on Puddybud's handle in the comments file? Uh.. I can't do that with this code. And yikes! What's with copying tr to a results array? Why not update tr in place? What a waste! And sigh, it makes sense to do that inject only when adding columns at the command line not every time we convert the vetted code strings to procs for view execution. Ditto for storing. How humbling...

So the big if statement drops to the cutting room floor and the following refactor is born. Here:

 and here:

What a difference a little time and blogging makes. Brand new code next time.

Update: Found yet more optimizations for larger result sets. I won't discuss them. I promise.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Puddybud Series: Where We Reveal Puddybud's Last Name

I once read in a detective novel that solving mysteries is simply a matter of learning, over and over again with each mystery, to see what is right in front of one's face.

In this post, the mystery I am reporting to have solved, is the last name of Puddybud.

We know his true first name - Darrell. We've known it for a long time. He signed one of his early comments with it:

149. Puddybud spews: 
David: Part of my post above was missing. I asked “I see you posted your first answer to me on the Sabbath”. What’s up with that?
It did not go unnoticed. See the exposure and then attempted cover-up by Puddybud's disastrous sockpuppet "Mike Webb Sucks":

7. Mike Webb Sucks spews:
MyLeftFoot@8 The poster who is currently posting as MWS is also identifiable as Puddybuddy. He has identified himself as “Darrell” and shared with us that he is “A Sabbath Keeper”. I’m not sure exactly what he means by this, whether he is some flavor of “Messianic Jew” or Seventh Day Adventist, or even further out in the ozone layer like David Khoresh, but he shares many characteristics of the hard right whackjobs of several religions, Christian, Jewish or Islamic. Fanatics tend to blend into one, whether they are Christian Enthusiasticks, Likudnik Ultra-hawks, or militant Jihadist Shiites. Commentby Tree Frog Farmer— 8/16/06@ 5:50 pm
KillatreeFrog: Since you claim I am Puddy, how can you prove this? My blogging is no where the level of his. Unlike you who uses the same names for your political enemies, you have no proof.

But enough ancient history. Now we reveal the whole rotten enchilada:
Puddy grew up in that environment and Puddy left that reservation long ago. So you can blather on about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs because when you look at it you are another Pavlov’s little doggies.Now bark to the latest commands of “the messiah”. Sit UBU sit good doggie.

55. Puddybud is shocked SHOCKED spews:
Watch soon for clusterfucked cinderblock to make another insipid comment on those pastors against Puddy.
He’s another of Pavlov’s Leetle Doggies.
and finally:

Remember jerkoff, Puddy is Pavlov and you are the jerkoff AKA Pavlov’s dog! Such a moronic twit of a twat!

So there it is boys and girls. Puddybud is Darrell "Pavlov". His "ancestors came from Europe" indeed!

Well, whad'ya say to that Mr. P.?

Thanks Puddybud for letting us in on the secret for all these years! Talk about hiding in plain sight. But please excuse me. Like Comrade Investigator Arkady Renko, I'm a bit slow on the uptake. LMAO!

(Fine print: Yes this is a joke post. I don't care in the least who Puddybud really is, what he does for a living or anything else. After reading a good portion of his stream of unhinged spew over the years, I don't care to meet him, ever. I hope if I one day pass him on the street or I'm in the same room with him that I'm completely oblivious as to who he is. I know what he has done in the HA comment threads since late April 2005 and I NEVER want to put a face to the author of that HORROR. Do I respect his privacy? I'd want him to do the same for me or anyone else would I? Happy MLK day by the way.)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bullshit Code!

During the back and forth in the comment threads over the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (among others), Puddybud went off on yours truly:
You wasted all those unemployed months telling the unemployment office you were looking for a yob while writing BULLSHIT code!
Bullshit code??? Hey those are fighting words!

Can Puddybud or anyone else tell "the world" what this does?

This will be the first of another occasional series. Not once a week like the "Bird's Eye View" but...  you get the idea.

Update: no takers yet.. (Puddybud dumped on it, of course.) In case you didn't notice, that if statement above is dangling. So I'll complete it and we'll see what happens:

Hint: I actually demoed what this code does some time back - in the comment threads.

Yet another update: Wow! I'm glad I blogged this code. Kind of forced me to look at it more closely and I've already re-factored it some to yield just a bit more functionality. Details to come in the next BS Code post.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Puddybud Series: The Definition of "WAY BEFORE"


Puddy was the recipient of name calling WAY BEFORE Puddy called people names.
 Ok forget that Puddybud, in his very first comment, called Goldy a "butt" (which he has flat out denied) and a "HorsesAss", which we'll set aside - after all, Tim Eyman got that from Goldy, right? It's only right Goldy should expect that from Eyman supporters, right?

What about this "WAY BEFORE" stuff? What does that mean?

I think it means 2:42 - two hours and 42 minutes. Puddybud claims he was name-called by we liberals WAY BEFORE he started giving it back. Well maybe he was.

Start with his second comment:

76. Puddybud spews:

Wow this one is funny. Only in WA. State, do felons vote Republican, while everywhere else they vote >70% DumbocRAPTic?
Good to see Unkl Witz is alive but posting here.
To AllHatAndNoHorse: In Florida 2000, where did all them “spoilt” ballots come from? Dumbocraptic districts run by U people. WHo controls Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade? U guys do. Get a life people.

Obviously obnoxious (U people, DumbocRAPTic?) but let's set that aside for the moment. Here's  a response only a few comments later:

80. AllHatAndNoHorse spews:

In Florida 2000, where did all them “spoilt” ballots come from? Dumbocraptic districts run by U people. WHo controls Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade? U guys do. Get a life people.
Comment by Puddybud
Here, then try this.
Pudlick, you are.

Ok that was pretty intemperate, arguably aggravated but all-in-all there's a undeniable name call. So the question is, when did Puddybud respond with his first name call after that? Here:

96. Puddybud spews:

Hey HorsesAsses:
I know you guys were thinking I just spout off unsubstantiated facts. Well you left leaning space cadets lookie here:


Remember: Willie Horton carries a picture of Mike Dukakis in his wallet.
BTW AllHatAndNoHorse: This hetero Pud does lick butt not you bud!
Do you left hemispheric missing Goldy lovers need more info, just respond!!!!!
As always, NUFF SAID!!!!

Well there it is. Name-calling in the third comment, two hours and 42 minutes after it was first done to him.

"WAY BEFORE" defined. And darned if Puddybud's hand was forced to start name-calling just shy of 3 1/2 HOURS after his first comment at HA.org.

Before Puddybud moves the goal posts on name-calling:

The name-calling technique links a person, or idea, to a negative symbol. The propagandist who uses this technique hopes that the audience will reject the person or the idea on the basis of the negative symbol, instead of looking at the available evidence. 

Yes Puddybud, "space cadet", is a negative symbol.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Puddybud Series: Monomaniacal!

▶noun obsessive preoccupation with one thing.
– derivatives
monomaniac noun & adjective,
monomaniacal adjective.
 The world "monomoniacal" appears, as of the end of November 2010, in 238 comments. Let's see who's used the word over the years:

Puddybud shows up quite prominently. In fact his various handles account for 222 out of the 238 usages. Since this series is about having some fun at his expense, some laugh-out-loud yucks, let's drill down into why.

First a quote with some explanation:

You gotta love when one of your own peeps nailed you as monomaniacal. HAs clueless village knuckle dragging idiot is monomaniacal!
One of my own peeps??? Yes, fellow liberal-leaning commenter "Proud  To Be An Ass" in the process of  reacting to Mr. Cynical's "congratulations" to yours truly for solving one of Lee's Bird's Eye View puzzles, kind of, sort of, hinted that along with being a bit odd and a computer nerd that I was - monomaniacal. It's here. Judge for yourself the gravity of what PTBAA said.

So what did Puddybud then do? Snatched the ball and ran with it of course. From 3/8/2009 through 7/20/2010 Puddybud called yours truly the "m" word over 222 times in 222 or so comments. As usual the fantasies got a bit grotesque, overwrought and inflated. Again with some commentary:

LMBBAO, Oh Yes it is moron… Who called you the monomaniacal one September 2008? A leftist just like you. Spotted your filth from far away.
Uh.. Slight correction there Puddybud - it was March 2009. The "m" word was not used once in 9/2008... (and "called" is debatable). And the "filth"? Could that have been solving the Bird's Eye View puzzle?

You see clueless wonder, when you are a higher life form peeps support you. When you are the HA knuckle dragger even your own kind call you monomaniacal.

Yeah right. Again, one guy - maybe..

Keep hope alive monomaniacal clueless wonder, porno king.

blah, blah, blah - at least 220 more times...

So what ended it? I like to pat myself on the back and say it was the database. On 7/18/2010 we see the beginning of the end:

Remember it was one of your kind who called you monomaniacal.

Once and as you’re so fond of reapeating yourself:
mylaptop:~$ b cols “-f=c -c=handle:matches~’*puddybud’,body:matches~’*monomaniacal’ -C”
| count |
| 209 |
1 row in set

Stupid I’d call THAT.
That particular thread is worth a read-through in my humble opinion. Not only did I use the database to expose the OCD repetitiveness of Puddybud's "m" word attack but in that same thread I fielded other attacks from some hit-squaders. (Puddybud's use of "we" in that thread is interesting in that regard.) I believe hit-squad activity, at least those attacks directed at me, dropped off markedly after that.

And Puddybud? He used the "m" word against me a dozen or so times over the next couple of days - till 7/20. He hasn't used it since. He had apparently, as he likes to say from time to time, "moved on".

Final notes:

Not one single commenter of any political persuasion has used the word "monomaniacal" since Puddybud last used it here on 7/20/2010.

Someone once referred to Puddybud as "monomaniacal" here. This was a little bit after PTBAA's comment. No, the commenter was not a right winger.

Let's chalk this all up, as my fellow liberal commenter Steve would say, to Psych 101 "projection". Doncha' love it?