Sunday, August 23, 2015


Something for the babbling jackass troll to savor this election cycle.
Pork out Jeb! You're the establishment's choice!
Go for it Ben. You crave power. Kiss the pork ring and "inspire" SDA youth.
Ted Cruz, a klownservatic's klownservatic, LOVES THAT PORK SAMMICH!

We're not done with Ted. Wraps bacon on a gun barrel and EATS IT!
Pork so "inspired" Carly's offshoring of jobs at HP.
Lindsey Graham relies on pork to "inspire" him to endless war.
Pork is the huckster's secret fuel propelling him to his next failed campaign for power. March this chump to the gas oven!
Did pork influence Gov Kasich's "moral" decision to use the ACA to expand medicaid? We report, you decide!
Chew on the pork, Gov Goodhair. Might help the memory!
Yum, yum Marco. This will raise your "value" to the babbling jackass.
No hot dog for man on dog. Have to settle for a pork burger or sammich.
Breitbart LOVES the Donald. The babbling jackass takes its orders from Breitbart.
The Koch bros recommend pork to little low life Scotty Walker. Make the bald spot go away.

Hope for the babbling jackass troll! Chris Christie, Jim Gilmore, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki and Rand Paul. Those kooky klownservatics to our knowledge did not kiss the pork ring.