Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Puddybud Series: Who Started the Name-Calling?

Short answer: Puddybud did.


First, a quote from old #2 himself:

Puddy was the recipient of name calling WAY BEFORE Puddy called people names.
Yes he's said this many times. We liberal leaning folk started name-calling him. He was provoked into being such an OCD name-calling troll.

Sorry Puddybud. This is not true. Let's look at your very first comment at (as Puddybud, anyway), way back in April 2005:

Hey Goldy: You never answered my question I posted to you on the wonderful SoundPolitics blog. Butt as you are, no guts to answer.
Notice the emphasis. Puddybud continued this "butt" fetish and it didn't go un-noticed by the faithful. Motivated by the obnoxious commentary of this newly minted troll some started calling him "Puddy-butt". Why spell the conjunction "but" in this fashion? Well, Puddybud eventually answered:

The Butt is my reference to you all, especially Armageddon. He/she/it has many friends down here in the San Francisco area. In fact isn’t Armageddon the San Francisco treat?
Well, there it is. He's calling everyone who doesn't care for his views a "butt". However(!), return to his first comment - "Butt as you are" - this can also be read as calling Goldy a "butt".

Of course Puddybud might claim that Goldy was the original name caller, calling Tim Eyman a horse's ass (a statement of fact in my opinion), or he might restate that he commented on earlier under another name (for which he's never offered a link as proof and likely never will) and was name-called for his trouble.

In any case, the evidence remains quite strong that Puddybud started the name-calling right out of the gate and it's little wonder that people have reacted to him negatively ever since.

Your move Puddybud.

Update: Puddybud denies calling Goldy a "butt" and still claims victim status.