Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Puddybud Series: The Only Question that Remains

So in the last post I revealed that Puddybud had "nothing bad to say about the SEIU" at least as of the time he wrote that - May 2007. Also, despite being the most prolific and obsessive troll in the HA comment threads by a country mile, he hasn't hurled the "union thug" epithet with quite as much force over the years of his trolling career as one might think.

So I promised to reveal something I've found and I will do that (even though many of you all ready know what it is). But this is my blog and I will build up to it.

First, things change and Puddybud's attitude towards the SEIU has changed since he had "nothing bad to say" back in May of 2007.

From the very same May 2007 thread:

If he joins the SEIU then I’d have change my opinion of them.

"he" is inactive commenter ByeByeGOP and "them" is SEIU.. To make a long story short, the opinion did change and I can't pin the change down to any one person, event or whatever..

But it didn't hurt that one day, yours truly, announced to the world, in (gulp!) the HA comment threads, that my wife had gotten a new job in an SEIU organized workplace. Which we were ecstatic about because her old job in a non-union place truly sucked. Everything in the new place was better: higher take-home pay, better benefits, working conditions and a wealth of career opportunities.

What did Puddybud have to say to that? From about a year later in 2008:
I just had to replay this PuddyFact since HAs clueless idiot admitted his wife was a SEIU member... So we see not only is HAs clueless idiot indoctrinated by the George Soros kool-aid sites but his wife is too through SEIU. So I guess I’ll have to admit someone married HAs clueless idiot and they drink from the same trough every morning.
This deserves some comment.. It is a fact that the comment quoted above is the first mention of SEIU by Puddybud since the comment I quoted before it, the "change my opinion" comment. A more than 1 year gap between the two. That is a fact.

And then..
Pretty soon yelling loser boy and his SEIU wife will be considered rich by Obama and then when they see their taxes increase Puddy told ya so!
Starting to get annoying (well, it's always that). But then it gets bizarre.
SeattleJew: The graduating football players could work for the SEIU. I’m sure yelling loser boy’s wife has great contacts..
You chose the paragraph as part of your argument. Why back away now? You are in your SEIU corner now.
That one's my favorite.. But then it had to get creepy..
 So I have to ask the arschloch… was that Mrs Arschloch in the audience at the 10 second mark?
Oh yeah… in the other thread I posted a Lerner video from Sept 22nd 2011. I asked the HA arschloch was that his wife cheering Lerner at the 10 second mark. The HA arschloch hasn’t answered. Hmmm… implied yes?
Well we come to it now.. I had had some suspicions about why, despite all the bile Puddybud has spewed about unions and SEIU in particular, that he had "nothing bad to say about the SEIU" in May of 2007. I prodded him about it here. Maybe that had something to do with him getting weird, maybe not..

But then it was only recently, the last couple of weeks, that I uncovered the big discovery. Here it is. Just a little more build up. This is from way back in 2005:

Listen you fucks…UNION MEMBERS ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS! They are your friends and your neighbors and your businesses’ customers…your fellow church members and your childrens’ friend’s MOMS and DADS! The “UNION” is NOT some monolithic corporation. It is PEOPLE. People who deservs a living wage. What do you assholes have against a man or woman being able to support
 their families? To have health insurance? To have a pension…like your FOLKS had. What a bunch of selfish fucking economically illiterate morons.

This impassioned statement by long-time commenter Rujax was responded to by a number of right wingers with the same old anti-union talking points we've heard many times before. And of course Puddybud had to add his two cents:

Hey Rujax: Let’s talk about unions. I have a family member who works at Ford. I live near a Boeing plant. I see dems Boeing peeples on strike. They claim they want a good wage and good benefits. I see them asking for free things my wife pays for in her union contract. I see them driving their foreign made cars to and from the plant. So why should I be so gung ho about their union position and wanting the airlines to buy American if they drive foreign cars.
Whoa.. WHOA! WHOA! Back that up!

They claim they want a good wage and good benefits. I see them asking for free things my wife pays for in her union contract
my wife pays for in her union contract. 
WOW! Well don't that beat all... Like Rujax said, they are our neighbors and damn, some of us are even married to them..

Your words Puddybud. You typed them in. I didn't make them up or change them. I just found them looking for something related. And I don't get it Puddybud. What happened to "a house divided cannot stand"???

Turnabout is fair play. The only question that remains is..

Which union is it?

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Puddybud Series: On Unions

A part of the right wing tribal identity is a loathing of labor unions.. Constant harping on the ethical failings of union leadership and tactics as if the owners of capital and their body and soul bought tools in management never did anything underhanded or unethical.

In the run-up to the disastrous outcome of the Wisconsin recall elections we saw from our local troll brigade a lot of the typical foaming, spittle-flying and hurling of the "union thug" epithet - one of their favorite drumbeats. And of course when things turned out badly (bad indeed, but could have been worse), we saw the ugliest jeering and gloating from the trolls.

Of course, Puddybud, like any other right wing true believer fits right in with all of this. But over the last year or so I've found his case to be somewhat special..

During the recall election run-up I thought I'd do a search through my database on the "union thug" drumbeat to examine who's used it the most over the years..

A search turns up the usual suspects, trolls well known to long time comment thread readers. Trolls like JCH, Doofus, ProudAss, Pooper Scott, christmasghost, John425, prr and of course Puddybud..

But which troll has used "union thug" the most? Puddybud who is the #2 most prolific commenter at HA? The answer is NO! As of the end of April 2012, the top usage of "union thug" award goes to JCH a unhinged, OCD troll who was banned long ago - one of the very few trolls to be banned from HA..

So Puddybud is #2 again! Why? Methinks Puddybud may be just a little soft on unions.. Just a little.. Let's look at this first:

I’m going to shock many Moonbat!s on this board. I have nothing bad to say about the SEIU.

Shocking?? Uh yeah.. Freaking unbelievable. Totally incongruous.. From the same guy who before this May 2007 comment said stuff like:
 You will see all the thug unions, ya know those you support extorting union dues from the common man who doesn’t support their politics, giving to d u m m o c r a p s.
Your people, union thugs control, what goes into the schools. Your people, union thugs control, control the education process 

And going back to the article that motivated the SEIU comment?? What was that about? It was about SEIU trying to keep a Tim Eyman Initiative off the ballot. Nothing bad to say about that?

Well if that doesn't make any sense I found something REALLY INCONGRUOUS just in the last couple of weeks while I was searching for Puddybud's anti-union rants. And this comment I uncovered puts a lot of things in perspective in very interesting ways..

Next post..

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Purple Haze: Marvin Stamn Pays Us a Visit

Marvin Stamn, execrable troll of old, one of only a handful that have ever been banned from the HA comment threads paid us a visit about 10 days back. Let's examine what he had to say:

I love knowing I'm so deep in your head you still think and write about me. I always knew you had a thing for me. :)

Isn't that just like a troll? So desirous of attention.. So caught up in their small-minded delusions..

Uh sorry Marvie but don't flatter yourself. It was Puddybud who started the ball rolling. His idiocy was the topic of my blog post, not yours.. It was Puddybud who brought your miserable troll moniker into the altercation.. Too bad you're so reading  comprehension challenged. That is common to many right wing trolls but I digress.

This is the first time I've visited this blog, your assumption that I visited here before is based on your belief I am the only person in Pasadena with internet access.

So does this mean you DO live in Pasadena, Marvin? Let's say it doesn't for the moment. YOUR assumption like so much else you've spewed on the interwebs is WRONG, dumbass WRONG. But we'll get to that in a second.
Your image says Pasadena. If you knew what you were talking about you would compare IP addresses.
Bzzzt.. Wrong... Sorry Marvie. How would I get an IP address from the Pasadenan who visited my blog only moments before you commented under an altered handle to get past the ban at HA? Google Analytics doesn't make visitor IP addresses available. It says that here:

Google Analytics does not report the actual IP address information to Google Analytics customers. 

You do know I made the image from a snapshot of Google Analytics don't you Marvin? And no, the builtin stats from blogger does not reveal ip address either.

If I really cared that much about you I wouldn't be using Google would I? I'd be running my own web server like Goldy does at HA which captures the exact IP address without batting an eye. No pesky Google privacy policy when you run your own web server. Sorry Marv, just not that much into you and the rest of the troll brigade. It's sad enough that you carry on as you do. Why would I want to know more?

And then even if I had that address? What would I "compare" it to? No Marvin I don't have access to the server stats from HA and yes the crippled stuff from Site Meter gets you close but no cigar.. At least not enough for a troll like yourself and his eternal game of one-upsmanship..

Now for politics..

Funny how all the concern for global warming has been shoved under the bus with a democrat is in the white house..

Bzzzzt.. Pathetic.. No Marv, people's concerns are taken up these days with merely SURVIVING due to the Bush depression people like you did their best to enable. Gee what if your crowd had had their way with ozone layer eaters like CFC's? We'd be extinct by now. We may get there yet. Again thanks to your crowd.

Same with anti-war protests. Can you imagine the howling from the left if bush used a drone to intentionally kill an American citizen without a trail of due process. 

Uh Marv.. Last I looked there were no combat soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan is on its way to being wound down. Yes, Obama's assassination of an American citizen was a heinous act but from where is the silence truly deafening??? From Glenn Greenwald and other progressive commentators? No Marv. Try DICK CHENEY and his crowd. Sorry, Obama is a politician and his legacy is a failure if he doesn't get another 4 years.. He didn't make the rules. Taking the war-mongering crowd out of the game by continuing some of their policies is winning ugly but it may still be winning. And that at the end of the day is all people like you (the lackey of those who make the rules) give a crap about.

Now democrats are in favor of keeping gitmo open.

Wrong again Marv. Democrats are in favor of keeping their jobs out of the hands of Republicans who taunt and fear-monger them about being "soft on terrorism" and "bringing terrorists onto American soil".. Nope Marv, you don't do your constituents any good by being out of office. Ask any Republican thrown out on their asses in 2006 out there. (No, glibertarians or losertarians wouldn't know anything about that, sorry.)

Good thing democrats are so wishy washy and without principle,

LMAO!!! And Republicans are truly blessed with principle - win at all costs and reward those who brung 'em with tax cuts, next to no worker safety, "right to work", freedom to pollute and free reign to shake down/cheat consumers at will. Are things really shitty at the moment? Hell, the Republicans will show you the real shit. Fine principles those Marv!

otherwise this Obama regime would be killing them.

LMAO at your silly "logic" there Marv.. Last I looked we just tried and convicted a couple of terrorists - the underwear bomber and the Times Square buffoon. Didn't have to export them to Gitmo first and no Democrat died carrying out American justice just like it was with Ramzi Youseff in the Clinton days.. As usual - dumbass (you) is as dumbass "thinks" (hallucinates is the better word).

Finally, Marvin blesses us with one last gem:

Only #6?

Heh. Yeah too bad Goldy banned you Marv.. You'd have easily, easily overtaken Puddybud as #2 - smelly product of the ass-end of the right wing propaganda machine at our favorite haunt - the HA comment threads.

Indeed your politics suck Marvin. We could have gone into a lot more of your silly legacy at HA which is preserved indefinitely in the database I keep. Maybe we will some day.

I hope all is well with you and yours to boot. Thanks for the visit!