Saturday, July 28, 2007

Google API, FoxAttacks

Today I'm going to study the Google API and try out a few experiments.

In the meantime, Doofus shat out a little nugget last night in response to the gathering momentum against the Faux News Channel:
Just more proof that liberals can’t handle the truth.
Sorry doofus, the truth is that Faux News broadcasts lies, smears and RNC propaganda. Faux News is anti-democracy and cheer leads for a one-party ruled, authoritarian state. If like doofus, you want to live under an oligarchic, autocratic regime like Putin's Russia then by all means cheer for Faux News. However, if anyone out there like me loves Democracy and Freedom and wants to do what they can to preserve it, sign up for FoxAttacks.

Any business I patronize that advertises on Faux News I'm not going to patronize again until they yank their ads.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Open Thread

Chime in with intelligence on your favorite trolls, suggestions, etc.


Yeah, that's my name for him anyway.

Status: Inactive

Quick facts: One of the most fervent and repetitious purveyors of right wing lies on Started trolling shortly before the GECT. Seattle native, hates public schools, practices the vote fraud religion.

Aliases: RUFUS, Dan Rather, Al Gore, Jane Balogh's Dog, many others.

Misc: Can't accept the simple fact that he's a total loser. Got ACVR Doofus?

Greatest Hits List:

Here he is practicing his "felon" accent:
You tell them Steve #104. I am with you all the way. Us you voted for Chris just need to keep our head up and keep on voting Democratic… all my friend do.
Rufus– Cell Block 8
Almost tied for the above as a "greatest hit" is when he repeated versions of the following around 100 times over two or three months:
Was the Jew killer a conservative or liberal. In the Seattle Times we have the following quote:
Beam him up Scotty...

Dan Rather says:
I see nothing wrong in those people. I believe in the rapture. I know it will happen soon. I just dont understand how the people left behind could last for seven years.

Junk-Shot aka Puddybud

Status: Active

Quick facts:
started trolling about 3 or 4 months before the WA goobernatorial election contest trial. First offensive words out of his keyboard I noticed were the words democrapic and moveon.pork. How endearing. Acquaintance of progressive, liberal star GBS.

Aliases: Mike Webb Sucks, Reckless, Kingbud

Misc: Believes the world is about 6000 years old but admits he could be wrong. Believes in global warming but thinks g-d is causing the warming, not man. Why is this man trolling Must be on a mission from g-d.

Greatest hits list:

I have to use alternative means to bring the truth to the Northwest Division of eat shit and bark at the moon loony moby trolls of ASSes!

Troll Dossiers

I'm going to compile dossiers on each of the trolls. There'll be links on the sidebar to each dossier to make it easy for you to contribute items on each troll that I may have overlooked. You do this in the comments sections of the post.

The dossiers will have the following sections.

Quick facts - the quick and dirty back story on the troll

Aliases - This is important. Trolls often post with many aliases. The more of these I know, the better I can data mine. You can really help out here with aliases that I'm not familiar with.

Misc - fun facts the come to the surface about our wingnut friends.

Links - to a greatest hits lists of troll comments.

These files will be a quick, easy way to collect info on each troll for both entertainment and to aid data collection and analysis.

My next post will be an example of a dossier.

Update: include your handle with your information and I'll hat tip you in the dossier.

Update II: I've added a status section to the dossiers. Active, Retired, Semi-Retired, Occasional, etc.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday July 24, 2007 - A great day

Not only was it my birthday, it was the day Goldy deleted the content of two off-topic comments from two of HA's worst trolls: DOOFUS and MTR the braindead bet welsher. The right-wing BS of these trolls will be analyzed in future posts.

Yes indeed, an excellent birthday present.

Thank you Goldy! I love this new policy!

I'm going to expose your asses!

Greetings fellow HA readers, progressives and yes, you trolls. Who amongst you loves to have fun with trolls? Raise your hand! All of you, good!

Well, why am I doing this? Maybe out of some respect for Goldy's new commenting policy. To turn off my caps lock key. But also to brush up on my perl and ruby skills and learn the google API. Why you say?

The comment threads are a priceless treasure of right-wing lunacy just ripe for some data mining and analysis. As I promised Puddybud one fine day, "I swear, I'm going to spider this site and expose your ass!".

So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to try not to spider directly. That'd run up Goldy's bandwidth bill. My goal is to use the google cache only.

I'm also going to be looking at the other website. You know the one run by some kept fella on Greenlake? But only to add some spice to the fun.

What is spidering? Books have been written on it. It's not that hard to do.

So folks, look forward to facts and figures and greatest hits lists on your favorite trolls. Of course I'll be welcoming your input and insights on the subject.

We're going to have fun with this!