Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One for the Ages

“If your faith conflicts with reality, ignore reality.”

A distilled teabagger and HA troll maxim.

This blog cannot be about just the trolls. It should also from time to time salute the heroes.

Thanks to relative newcomer, Deathfrogg.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Been a while since the last post. Still tagging handles, still removing warts from my code. The latest code is almost where I want it. I could do a bit more factoring, removing some repetition but it would be more for aesthetic purposes. The code does what I want with satisfactory performance. Test coverage as is usually the case could be much better.

On a more relevant note, April and May 2010 are now in the database so I thought I'd update the big picture that I first sketched here.

As of the end of May 2010:

8,082 articles over the 73 months of's existence.

430,912 comments. (Haven't filtered out the spam yet.)

and last but not least:

Out of 15,728 unique handles!

Top 10 # of comments by handle:

10 GBS @ 5,317
9 rhp6033 @ 5,478
8 ArtFart @ 6,004
7 Steve @ 6,167
6 Marvin Stamn @ 6,774
5 Daddy Love @ 8,580
4 YLB @ 9,323
3 Mr. Cynical @ 9,827
2 Puddybud @ 11,369

and number one?

Our beloved Roger Rabbit at 58,310.

So Steve moves ahead of Art, gaining on Stamn. Puddybud barely budges due to begging everybody else to come to me to justify his drivel. (Useless, he'll ALWAYS be #2.) All the usual disclaimers on that top 10 list still apply.

An updated brackets report follows:

One handle has joined the 1000+ comments club. Right now I don't know who you are but congrats!

Update to "Update": The newest member of the 1000+ comments club is "John" which is a handle that's been used by many, many people, hero and troll alike, over the years. Again, congratulations "John"!