Monday, March 29, 2010

It is accomplished...

As of the end of February 2010.

7,680 articles over the 70 months had been to that point in existence.

414,965 comments. (Haven't filtered out the spam yet.)

Whew! A mother lode of right wing inanity and foolishness. With some intelligent and fun liberal-leaning comment thrown in..

and last but not least:

Out of 15,078 unique handle names!

Top 10 # of comments by handle:

10 GBS @ 4,952
9 rhp6033 @ 5,016
8 Steve @ 5,582
7 ArtFart @ 5,839
6 Marvin Stamm @ 6,774
5 Daddy Love @ 8,246
4 YLB @ 8,678
3 Mr. Cynical @ 9,314
2 Puddybud @ 11,368

and number one?

Our beloved Roger Rabbit at 56,751.

Commenter's various aliases are not yet factored in. Steve might be several different "Steves". (And the HNMT is a particularly nasty case.) It's going to require quite a bit of study. And I first have to do some qa on the collection process as a whole.  So this post will be updated as the picture gets clearer..

But so far, so good! Fun, fun, fun on the runup to November!

Special note to that most moronic of trolls (#2? It fits!):

$ du -h .ha

201M    .ha/data


Daddy Love said...

Cool. I've dropped off a bit, but I am not out, though down.

Anonymous said...

Only #6?