Monday, July 12, 2010

Tagging Progress

Over the weekend I took the most comment-prolific 81 handles, grouped the contained aliases under a single tag (e.g. all of Puddybud's various handles under the tag "junkshot") and categorized the tag as troll or non-troll.

Remember that those top 81 handles have contributed 1,000 or more comments each and in total account for over 62 percent of all comments.

Conclusion: 30 percent of those comments are troll comments. That number will probably hold pretty steady as I tag the next 1700 or so most comment-prolific handles. And after I'm done with that?

Just a hair over 94 percent of all comments will be judged troll or non-troll.

Of course the work is never done. Some handles like "John" or "Bill" or "Steve" have exhibited either troll or non-troll character throughout their lifetimes. The troll comments contained under those handles will have to be laboriously sifted out and assigned their own special tags.

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