Tuesday, April 6, 2010

QA winds down. HA's most commented posts.

To kind of, sort of check on the quality of the data collection process, I whipped up a report of the most commented articles of each month of HA's existence. Then here and there I went to the well to see if what I have and what HA has matches up..

I've found tiny variances in, strangely enough, both directions.. I'll definitely have to look more thoroughly at those months where I seem to have MORE than what Goldy has. But so far the variances seem to be made mostly of spam.

Once I had that report working, I tweaked it to select one article at random from each month. Again, things seem to match up just fine. Even better than the most commented articles sample.

So confidence is high.

Anyhow the most commented posts merit further mention. Here's a pretty picture:

The first column is the year/month, the second is the article number and the third is the total number of comments for the thread. The most commented HA blog post, in March of 2005, was a knock-down, drag-out thread about Terry Schiavo - a major body-blow for the extreme right wing. Between trying to weaken Social Security, using Terry Schiavo's vegetative body as a prop, letting New Orleans drown, corruption/sex scandals, torture, dollar black hole wars of choice and the final, ugly meltdown of the economy - let us never forget what it means to have the right wing in control of this country.

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