Monday, January 17, 2011

The Puddybud Series: Where We Reveal Puddybud's Last Name

I once read in a detective novel that solving mysteries is simply a matter of learning, over and over again with each mystery, to see what is right in front of one's face.

In this post, the mystery I am reporting to have solved, is the last name of Puddybud.

We know his true first name - Darrell. We've known it for a long time. He signed one of his early comments with it:

149. Puddybud spews: 
David: Part of my post above was missing. I asked “I see you posted your first answer to me on the Sabbath”. What’s up with that?
It did not go unnoticed. See the exposure and then attempted cover-up by Puddybud's disastrous sockpuppet "Mike Webb Sucks":

7. Mike Webb Sucks spews:
MyLeftFoot@8 The poster who is currently posting as MWS is also identifiable as Puddybuddy. He has identified himself as “Darrell” and shared with us that he is “A Sabbath Keeper”. I’m not sure exactly what he means by this, whether he is some flavor of “Messianic Jew” or Seventh Day Adventist, or even further out in the ozone layer like David Khoresh, but he shares many characteristics of the hard right whackjobs of several religions, Christian, Jewish or Islamic. Fanatics tend to blend into one, whether they are Christian Enthusiasticks, Likudnik Ultra-hawks, or militant Jihadist Shiites. Commentby Tree Frog Farmer— 8/16/06@ 5:50 pm
KillatreeFrog: Since you claim I am Puddy, how can you prove this? My blogging is no where the level of his. Unlike you who uses the same names for your political enemies, you have no proof.

But enough ancient history. Now we reveal the whole rotten enchilada:
Puddy grew up in that environment and Puddy left that reservation long ago. So you can blather on about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs because when you look at it you are another Pavlov’s little doggies.Now bark to the latest commands of “the messiah”. Sit UBU sit good doggie.

55. Puddybud is shocked SHOCKED spews:
Watch soon for clusterfucked cinderblock to make another insipid comment on those pastors against Puddy.
He’s another of Pavlov’s Leetle Doggies.
and finally:

Remember jerkoff, Puddy is Pavlov and you are the jerkoff AKA Pavlov’s dog! Such a moronic twit of a twat!

So there it is boys and girls. Puddybud is Darrell "Pavlov". His "ancestors came from Europe" indeed!

Well, whad'ya say to that Mr. P.?

Thanks Puddybud for letting us in on the secret for all these years! Talk about hiding in plain sight. But please excuse me. Like Comrade Investigator Arkady Renko, I'm a bit slow on the uptake. LMAO!

(Fine print: Yes this is a joke post. I don't care in the least who Puddybud really is, what he does for a living or anything else. After reading a good portion of his stream of unhinged spew over the years, I don't care to meet him, ever. I hope if I one day pass him on the street or I'm in the same room with him that I'm completely oblivious as to who he is. I know what he has done in the HA comment threads since late April 2005 and I NEVER want to put a face to the author of that HORROR. Do I respect his privacy? I'd want him to do the same for me or anyone else would I? Happy MLK day by the way.)

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