Monday, March 29, 2010

The HNMT revealed...

Here we see a screenshot of a pivot table I cooked up to summarize comments by handle in 2009. I looked for handles that had either "Roger" or "Rabbit" in them, i.e. Roger|Rabbit, not being confident that the bash command line interface would tolerate the space between the first and last names in one shot..

Well lookee there in the leftmost column.. (Click on the picture to super-size it.) A gaggle of putrid handles by that most resentment-driven and odious of trolls - the hateful name morphing troll, the HNMT.

In contrast, take a look at Roger Rabbit's line. He has misnamed himself. He's not a rabbit, he's a tortoise and the numbers peppered around the rabbit's line? Not a rabbit either, but to be sure a most bothersome pest.

I noticed something else.. In 2008..

Again we see Roger's solid row, this time in the bottom third of the report, and again we see the obnoxious pest buzzing about.. Activity seems to build to a frantic pitch indeed in May of that year and then... There's a very curious shutdown in pest vigor. What happened? Illness? Personal crisis? Boredom? Resignation at soon to be President-Elect Obama's sweeping victory in November? Or perhaps some other unhealthy fixation?

Another mystery to solve..

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